Group Structure & Events



  • Group Scout Leader (GSL) – this person leads the Group and their appointment must be approved by the District.
  • Section Leaders (SL) – these are appointed and must appear before the District Appointments Advisory Committee and undertake training.
  • Assistant Section Leaders (ASL) – follow a similar process to SL’s
  • Section Assistants – these are people who help regularly but who do not under- take to go through the training process. Others help on an ad hoc basis.

All who have contact with the children are made aware of the Scout Association child protection policy and are checked through the Criminal Records Bureau system. All Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants also have a first aid qualification.


The Group is an autonomous educational charity, registered with the Charity Commission and is organised and run according to the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scout Association.

It is one of 16 Groups within the Afon District (covering a large part of west and north Cardiff), which is in turn one of 5 Districts within the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Scout Area. The headquarters of the Scout Association in the UK is at Gilwell Park, near Chingford, Essex.

The Executive Committee is the managing body of the Group. The Committee is comprised of the GSL, a Chairman nominated by the GSL, elected Secretary and Treasurer and nominated and elected members. Section Leaders are ex officio members. It is essential that parents of children in each of the sections are represented on the Committee. Members of the Committee are trustees of the charity.

The Group Executive Committee exists to support the GSL in meeting the responsibilities of his/her appointment. The Committee is responsible for:

  • the maintenance of Group property;
  • the raising of funds and the administration of the Group’s finance;
  • the insurance of persons, property and equipment;
  • Group public occasions;
  • assist the recruitment of leaders and other adult support.

The Group Council, which covers Committee officers and members, leaders, helpers and all parents, meets once a year in the Annual General Meeting to approve the annual report and accounts and to elect officers and members of the Executive Committee.

The Group is governed by a Constitution. The most recent version of which may be viewed here: 1st Creigiau Scout Group Constitution


We undertake to deliver to the best of our ability, and within the resources we have, the balanced programme as set out by the Scout Association. We undertake to do this in a safe, secure, caring and fun-filled environment. All in contact with children will be aware of the Child Protection Policy and will be checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

Where adventurous activities are undertaken they will be organised under the Rules of the Scout Association appropriate to that activity. Anyone leading such an activity will hold the appropriate authorisation to do so issued by the Scout Association, having undertaken any necessary training.