Scouting’s Vision to 2018

On this page you can learn more information about the Scout Association’s Plans for developing Scouting through to 2018.

We worked with all members to develop a new vision to ensure that Scouting is available to the next generation of young people. We are committed to making the vision a reality, supporting our adult volunteers and bringing real change to the lives of young people.

Our Vision

Scouting in 2018 will make a positive impact in our communities; prepare young people to be active citizens; embrace and contribute to social change.

Scouting in 2018 will be shaped by young people in partnership with adults; enjoyed by more young people and adult volunteers; as diverse as the communities in which we live.

Members of Scouting in 2018 will feel empowered, valued and proud.

The four key areas of our vision are growth, inclusivity, youth shaped and community impact:


By 2018:

  • We will have 500,000 young people.
  • They will be supported by 150,000 volunteers.
  • How will we continue to grow?

How will we continue to grow?

We’ll develop a new strategy for opening new Units, Groups and sections; ensuring all Groups have Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

We’ll improve retention between, and within, sections.

A high quality programme is key to growth, so a revamped programme will be launched in 2015.

We’ll recruit new volunteers by reinforcing messages around flexible volunteering, targeting key groups such as parents and former youth members, and reaching out to 18–25 year olds.


By 2018:

  • Scouting will be present and sustainable in 200 of the most deprived parts of the UK.
  • Scout Groups will have more than four girls in each section.
  • Scouting will continue to welcome disabled, LGBT, black and minority ethnic members.
  • Scouting will be seen as open to people from all backgrounds by the general public.

How will we become more inclusive?

We’ll undertake development work and leverage support from key opinion formers to ensure Scouting is present and sustainable in the most deprived areas of the UK.

We’ll support volunteers to identify and remove barriers to Scouting.

Partnerships will be established with key organisations to provide expertise and advice on issues including disability and sexual orientation.

We’ll improve the diversity of volunteers in senior leadership positions.

Every young person should be able to shape their Scouting experience.

By 2018:

  • 80% of young people will be able to say they shape Scouting, feel listened to and are taken seriously.
  • 80% of Young Leaders will have the opportunity to develop their skills and have a positive impact on Scouting.
  • 80% of adults will help young people to shape their Scouting.

How will Scouting be shaped by young people?

Practical support will be given for leaders to empower young people through the programme.

Young people will be offered skills development opportunities to shape their Scouting.

We’ll appoint a Youth Commissioner to ensure that young people have a voice at the most senior level of The Scout Association.

National and local youth councils will be established to make real decisions that shape Scouting’s future.

A digital youth strategy will identify new ways in which young people can shape what we do.

We believe Scouting makes a difference to individuals and to society. Our members take action in the service of others, but we want to do more.

By 2018:

  • 8,000 quality community impact projects will be delivered per annum.
  • 70% of the public will see Scouting as ‘relevant to modern society’.

How will we have a greater community impact?

By delivering resources and training to develop young people as community leaders – locally, nationally and internationally.

Community impact will be intrinsic to the programme through a staged Community Impact Award.

National partnerships will be brokered to enable Scouts to make a positive impact on specific social issues, which have been determined by young people.

We will undertake research and measure our impact on communities.

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