Beaver Promise & Info


The Promise

Our Scout Group is an ‘Open Group’; this basically means that as long as your Child meets the general requirements for membership of the Scout Association they are welcome within our Group.

To become a member of the Scout Association and our group your child will be asked to make a promise at an investiture ceremony.   This would normally be undertaken during a normal meeting, however it can be carried out at any event.  We would always try and make this a very special event for your child, however it is your child’s investiture and would only be carried out when they were ready.  Investitures may be delayed so that they could be carried out at a special event e.g. at camp.   You, of course, would be more than welcome to witness this ceremony.

The promise that they make will be dependent on the section that they are joining.  The promise can, however, be altered in a number of ways to take into account religious beliefs, or absence thereof; nationality and / or special needs.

A Leader can generally answer any questions that you or your child may have with regard to the promise.

The Beaver Scout Promise          

Religious Version

I promise to do my best

to be kind and helpful and to love God.

Non-Religious Version (for Humanists, atheists or people with no particular faith)

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful and to love our world.