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Current & Forthcoming Programme

16/01/2018Fun & Games & Personal ChallengeA selection of team games and relays and running around to kick off the new term! Also picking up the Personal Challenge badge from last term which we ran out of time for. Personal Challenge for all cubs from the Leaders is for everyone to attend cubs in their full uniform, looking neat and tidy for an inspection each week! Any cubs who have yet to bring in evidence of their own personal challenge that they set themselves last term should bring it in anytime this term, before badge night. Personal Challenge badges will be awarded on badge night. Please can parents support their cubs to complete both the personally set and the leader set targets this term.
23/01/2018Astronomer 1In groups of 3, each group to research an individual planet and present facts about their planet to the group. Decide which group needs to make the largest planet and which the smallest / all planets in between. How big will we make the smallest/largest. Groups then make a model of their planet using papier mache. (to be painted next week)
30/01/2018Astronomer Part 2What is the difference between a planet and a star? Play a 'simon says' type game to consolidate knowledge of the lifecycle of a star. Paint planet models from last week.
06/02/2018Astronomer Part 3Learning how to look at the sun safely. Looking at the moon with Binoculars or a telescope Learning about and identifying constellations Star-gazing
13/02/2018Shrove TuesdayMaking, topping and eating lots of delicious pancakes, and playing pancake related games! (Pancake relay, best pancake toss etc)
27/02/2018Code, Ciphers and CommunicatingUsing different secret codes and ciphers, cubs will use their skill to crack the code and find the message. They will also make up their own codes and write top secret messages with invisible ink. Game - cubs will be blindfolded and directed across the room by teammates. Game - Relaying a message - Whispers All activities this week and next go towards earning the Communicator badge.
06/03/2018TBC - Visitor + Communicator Continue work from last week, including learning the phonetic alphabet and why we use it, making and receiving calls, and taking down a message, sending emails etc. Activities will go towards earning the Communicator badge.
13/03/2018Rubbish, recycling and renewable energy.We will be going out locally to do a little pick, helping to keep out community clean and tidy. We will also play some games and complete some challenges related to recyclable materials and renewable energy. This will go towards our "Our World" challenge badge.
20/03/2018BADGE NIGHT BADGE NIGHT - An opportunity for your cub to bring in and present evidence / perform / demonstrate activities that they have completed outside of our weekly meetings to qualify for an activity or staged badge. Please refer to the Cubs Badge pages online and support your child to work towards their chosen badges.
27/03/2018TBC - Fun Trip or Party Date/Time Venue to be confirmed. We're hoping to go on a trip this week to celebrate the end of term.

Current & Forthcoming Events

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