Cub Programme & Events

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Current & Forthcoming Programme

11/09/2018Welcome Back! Games & RulesGrand Howl/Welcome/Introduction of new Cubs New Sixers & Sixes Ice breaker/Team games *Organise selves by height/alphabetical order/age etc *Hula Hoop Game *Knotted Up Rules & Consequences discussion (Cub forums) Code of Conduct Ball game: Split in to 4 groups, each in a corner of the room. Tip a bag of balls in to the room and groups have to gather the most number of balls. Rules change to add difficulty. Prep for walk next week - What to pack? Closing ceremony
18/09/2018Nature Walk / Scavenger Hunt **NOTE DROP OFF & PICK UP LOCATION!Meet (6pm) and Pick Up (730pm) from PENTYRCH VILLAGE HALL A walk / scavenger hunt on the Garth, working towards the naturalist badge. Cubs will be asked to find and identify different types of leaves, birds and wildlife.
25/09/2018Knots & CatapultsWarm up game Grand Howl Opening ceremony & Register Learn clove hitch + two other knots/lashings Design and create catapults in sixes using lollipop sticks, rubber bands and twine Closing ceremony (Cub scout promise)
02/10/2018Den BuildingWarm up game Grand Howl Opening ceremony & Register Refresh clove hitch + two other knot/lashings Design and create dens in sixes Closing ceremony (Cub scout promise)
09/10/2018Edible RaftsWarm up game Grand Howl Opening ceremony & Register Learn or refresh Clove hitch + one other knot/lashing Edible Rafts activity Closing ceremony (Cub scout promise)
16/10/2018Toilet Roll Ropes & Hungry HipposWarm up game Grand Howl Opening ceremony & Register Make a rope using wool and a toilet roll (Pioneer badge) Hungry Hippos game Closing ceremony (Cub scout promise)
23/10/2018Hallowe'en GamesWarm up game Grand Howl Opening ceremony & Register Halloween fun & games Making a Guy ready for Bonfire Night Closing ceremony (Cub scout promise)
13/11/2018BADGE NIGHTA chance for all cubs to bring in evidence of work that they have done to achieve additional activity or staged badges. Please visit,67,776 for details of badge criteria. Please support your cub to prepare for badge night - There are a variety of badges, some of which can be completed and demonstrated very simply, and others which are more challenging. Examples of things that cubs might bring in: *Photographic or written documentation of work/activities done to complete a badge * letter from an activity teacher confirming achievements * A collection of items that they are prepared to talk about (See 'Collector' activity badge) * A musical instrument to perform a piece on *Certificates of exams passed (e.g. graded music exams * Sports/Activity equipment for a hobby that they are prepared to talk about Cubs will rotate around leaders and volunteers to demonstrate and talk about the badges that they have worked towards
20/11/2018LanternsWarm up game Grand Howl Opening ceremony & Register Make paper leaf lanterns Games Closing ceremony (Cub scout promise)
27/11/2018TeamWork!Various teamwork/teambuilding games Discuss the meaning of teamwork, how to be part of a team. Ask for examples of when the cubs have demonstrated good teamwork. (Working towards the TEAMWORK badge)
04/12/2018Scout Post? TBC
11/12/2018Christmas Craft & PartyFestive crafts and an end of term party: Please let us know in advance if there are any dietary requirements to be aware of!

Current & Forthcoming Events

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