Scout Investitures


Once your child has been coming to Scouts for a number of weeks, if they want to continue and become a full member of the Scout Troop then they must be invested.

For Information about becoming a Scout and about the Investiture Ceremony – please click the below link for more information:

Investiture Information

We will write and let you know the date you would like to invest your child, usually at the beginning of the troop meeting. Please let us know if this date is inconvenient so that we can rearrange.

On the date of the investiture please arrive at 18:30 in order for us to go through the ceremony with your child before the meeting starts, and you are of course more than welcome to stay and watch the Ceremony and take photos if you wish.

In order to be invested, your child will need a full Scout Uniform. You will need to buy a Scout Shirt, Scout Activity Trousers and a Scout Belt. Here are the links to the Official Scout Online Shop for the items you need to buy: and or and

You can buy these online or at the Area Scout Shop – please click the below link for more information:

Scout Shop Uniform

Dark coloured trainers or shoes, or walking boots should also be worn.

Some Badges, a Woggle and a Yellow Group Neckerchief will be presented during the Investiture. (Please note, that Cubs joining from the Creigiau Blackfoot Cub Pack can use their old necker, but not their old woggle)

Information about the correct positions to sew the badges onto the uniform after the investiture can be found by clicking this image. Please ask if you are unsure.

Position of Badges on Scout Uniform

Please note if your child attended Cubs that some badges should be transferred onto the Scout uniform after the investiture has taken place – please click the below link for more information:

Badges for Transfer

We look forward to welcoming your child into the Troop. If you have any questions please get in touch.