What do scouts do?

Scouts are at the age where they can experience the true adventure that scouting has to offer – from arts and crafts in the meeting place to jumping off cliffs, climbing, sailing, hiking, raft building and many more! We aim to give scouts a wide range of experiences so they can learn some new skills by accident along the way.

The 1st Creigiau Scout troop has been offering Scouting to boys and girls in Creigiau and the surrounding area for over 25 years.

Today the troop is comprised of over 30 boys and girls aged 10-14. Its aim is to not only provide, but encourage the scouts to provide their own programme of exciting and challenging indoor and outdoor activities. Through doing to they will not only to form friendships and work together: but develop their own sense of independence.

The troop operates on a patrol system. At present we have 5 patrols of between 5-8 scouts.

Trips & Activities

In order to supplement the weekly meetings and to ensure that everyone has the best opportunities.  There are very few activities that members of The Scout Association are actually banned from doing.  Consequently if it is possible, to do something, and there is a large enough request to do something we will try to organise it.

However, when organising trips or activities we often have to impose a cut off date for responses.  This is generally due to purchasing tickets, completing all of the necessary risk assessments and making arrangements with the ‘Home Contact’ for the event.

These cut off dates will be strictly adhered to.  Consequently if subsequent to your child being accepted on a trip or activity, if they are unable to attend please let us know as soon as possible.

Another cut off reason may be a number of people taking part.  For instance if we are only able to 10 members due to the number of available canoes for example it´s important that everyone turns up because their place could have been given to another child.